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Top 10 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Service Companies in Europe - 2021

The global electric vehicle market has taken a giant leap forward in the past decade. After being perceived as a fringe technology, the electric vehicle (EV) market has reached a tipping point. Electric vehicles are witnessing greater demand with each passing year in Europe. With increasing environmental concerns, the impact of vehicles powered by non-renewable energy has heightened global interest in futuristic EVs. Modern EVs currently offer a wide range of benefits: performance, cutting-edge technology and connectivity, a quieter ride, lower running cost, full city access, unique exterior styling and increased interior space.

EVs employ electric-drive technologies to boost vehicle efficiency through regenerative braking—recapturing energy which otherwise is lost during braking. These cars are noiseless, easy to operate and have no fuel cost. Besides, EVs are environment-friendly as they do not cause any emission while idling. If EV charging is managed effectively, mainly outside

peak electricity demand periods, it will help create a flatter electricity network demand profile over a typical 24-hour period. Furthermore, the cars have the benefit of flexible charging. Since the electric grid is in close proximity to most locations where people park, they can charge overnight.

In this edition, Auto Tech Outlook has created a list of Top 10 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Solution Providers in Europe 2021 and Top 10 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Service Companies in Europe 2021. These providers are

transforming the electric and hybrid vehicle landscape with their best-in-class solutions. Besides, the edition comprises insights from subject matter experts, CIOs, CXOs in the sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, and recent innovations.

We bring you Auto Tech Outlook's “Top 10 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Services Companies in Europe - 2021”

    Top Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Service Companies in Europe

  • Founded in 2014, evway is dedicated to enhancing the journey one has when in an EV. The company designed and developed an intuitive smartphone application of the same name. Through the evway app, users are empowered with a slew of capabilities including navigation, route planning, and most importantly, a well-defined network of charging stations to ensure zero inconveniences. A particularly unique feature of the app lies in its ability to direct drivers towards charging stations situated in places bustling with activity




    As a Charge Point Operator (CPO) AWESEMS provides end-to-end Smart eMobility Solutions for Private Individuals, Companies and (Semi) Governments in Europe. The company also continue to build on its European charging point network, AWESEMS Network Infrastructure (ANI). With this AWESEMS offer EV drivers in Europe the best possible experiences. Especially for private individuals, AWESEMS has smart charging solutions that ensure that car is charged super fast. One can choose from different charging speeds, all with the best price/quality guarantee. All charging stations come standard with the AWESEMS charging card, so you can safely reach more than 100,000 charging points



    ELECTRIC 55 CHARGING, formerly Plus De Bornes, is located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The company specializes in charging stations for electric vehicles. It is the only French start-up developing a “private” network of charging stations open to the public. Also, ELECTRIC 55 CHARGING is a leading player in IT technologies for controlling charging stations (present on 4 continents and more than 15 countries)

  • EPowerlabs


    EPowerlabs offers engineering and product development services to develop electric mobility applications swiftly. Its capabilities cover the range of services from product design to testing & validation. The company use proprietary software technology and hardware platforms to accelerate design processes. EPowerlabs was born from the vision and initiative of a group of engineers from the automotive sector to contribute towards a more sustainable world in the field of electric mobility. The EPowerlabs team has developed its skills and knowledge in leading companies in the automotive sector. The company's goal is to help companies meet their goals on the path to electrification

  • EVBox


    EVBox designs, manufactures, and sells charging stations for electric and semi-electric vehicles. Additionally, the company offers charging columns, home electric vehicle chargers, and business charging solutions. Since 2010, EVBox electric vehicle charging solutions have helped thousands of forward-thinking businesses around the world adopt electric mobility and achieve their goals. By 2023, its customers and partners will have helped us install one million charging ports to make transport cleaner and more accessible

  • GreenWay Polska

    GreenWay Polska

    GreenWay’s fast charging stations comprehensively cover Poland, permitting extensive travel in electric vehicles. Charging stations are located every 85 - 100 kilometres, a distance all EVs can travel and permit longer distance travel. GreenWay stations are conveniently located at along or near main transport corridors - highways and expressways – so people can charge quickly and continue on their way. GreenWay strives to help its clients charge as quickly and conveniently as possible. While charging an electric vehicle still takes longer than refueling an ICE one, its fast charging network reduces the time it takes as much as technologically possible

  • LugEnergy


    LugEnergy offers solutions for the recharging of cars and electric motorcycles. Depending on the vehicle model and the characteristics of the installation, LugEnergy offers the best charger. They are wall charging points, as they are installed on the wall of the private or community garage using anchors. They are robust and powerful, ideal to guarantee correct operation for years. LugEnergy has different brands and models of charging points to adapt to its client's needs. Also, the company offers competitive prices a serious, professional and turnkey installation service



    OBRIST Group is an Austrian technology company with 20 years of experience in the development of automotive powertrain systems, waste heat recovery and thermal management systems. OBRIST Engineering emerged as the technology leader in mobile applications based on the natural refrigerant R744. Its customers profit from its proven expertise in delivering industry-leading compressors, components and systems for mobile and stationary applications. OBRIST Powertrain is an innovative powerhouse focused on developing key components for hybrid electric and battery-powered vehicles. The company offers scalable solutions perfectly suited for a variety of requirements, from affordable mass-market mobility solutions to premium segments

  • Sorenoid


    Sorenoid energy services and electric mobility was born with the desire to facilitate access to sustainable mobility. Incubator for projects around sustainable mobility and renewable energy. The company have the experience, tools and knowledge necessary so that decision-making around the energy management of your company linked to electric mobility is solidly based and simple. Sorenoid stimulates businesses from a better management and understanding of the possibilities and benefits of new technologies



    Zeplug provides a turnkey charging service at ZERO cost for the condominium - Individuals living in detached houses. Zeplug provides charging stations together with maintenance and services to companies operating a fleet of Electric Vehicles or willing to offer charging solutions to their employees or clients. Additionally, Zeplug provides complete charging services combined with an exclusive remote consumption monitoring system. In future, Zeplug is convinced that the Electric Vehicle is a key component of sustainable mobility

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